Marcos Bayúgar, also known as Cof, is a visual artist and musician born in 1979 in Santa Fe, Argentina.

He works in large-scale murals, graffiti, digital art and animation. With these tools he travels to places, meeting people from completely different but also similar worlds, to feed and enhance his perception of the world and capture it in his work. He took part in several meetings of urban art in Latin America and Europe, as well as solo and collective exhibitions. He hosted weekly drawing jams, participated in talks and animated several workshops on character design and street art techniques.

Since 1998 he has been an independent illustrator and animator for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Coca-Cola, Nat Geo, Visa, Nesquik, among others. Cof invites you to travel through his characters, influenced by his origins and the places in the world he goes to. These characters live in fragments of worlds where they explore freely and enjoy the most beautiful things in life by creating their own rules. Color, nature and emotions give life to their ecosystem.