Nuevo Mural

Nuevo Mural is a self-managed event that has been held annually since 2017 throughout the Ecuadorian territory. Every year artists from all over the world are invited to participate by making interventions in different cities of the country.

In 2022 I was invited to participate in the event in san pablo del lago city, in the province of Otavalo. For this intervention, I did not know the city I was going to and did not have an idea of what I was going to paint. I choose to arrive and walk the city to get to know the place and its people.

San Pablo del Lago is at the foot of the Imbabura volcano and the entire canton surrounds the lake, which everyone treats with great affection and respect. Therefore I decide to portray his people in a situation where the people and I can connect: enjoying the water. I tought this design with a focus mainly on its people and the environment.

San Pablo del Lago, Ecuador, November 2022