Unknown Vandals
NFT Collection

2021 - 2022

Unknown Vandals is an interactive digital series made through NFT contract.Each of these works can be explored by the viewer with a tactile device that allows them to turn in all directions and see the depth in their layers.
Unknown Vandals are mini stories of people who develop a way of expressing themselves that is out of the ordinary. They are mainly handled alone and at times when no one sees them.
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Graffiti writer. He has no crew. He goes out by himself looking for the best spot to drop off his piece in the middle of the night.
He has a detailed record of his work on photos and video and the digital backup is well hidden.
He got caught once and got away with it. It never happened again.
He likes to climb on rooftops and stay there for a while, just to watch the city sleep.


Self-taught beatmaker. She’s always playing music and finger drumming. She once bought a drum machine and she takes it everywhere. She knows everything about that machine, or any drum machine or sampler synth.
Her house is always full of friends playing music and freestyling, cooking and vibing even with her being really calm and quiet. She also grows and sell weed for a living and people say her stash is the s**t.


Pixaçao writer. He’s part of the XOLOS crew.
They take turns sliding down the side of buildings, painting their names on the way down.
It all happens when everybody sleeps.
He was shot once in the leg from by a police officer. He managed to escape, but still has the bullet inside.
We don't know his alter ego and we don't know what he does during the day.


Bike activist. She started riding at a very young age running errands for a few bucks to help her mother.
She makes pro-bike propaganda pasting stickers and posters in the street during the night.

She’s always ready to confrontation, if she finds a car infringing cyclist rights she doesn’t hesitate to do justice.
She is tough but tender deep inside. During the day she teaches the neighborhood children how to ride and fix their bikes in her workshop.


Gator, aka Daniel P. is a plumber and graffiti artist, although it is very difficult to find any of his interventions. He chooses to paint the sewers and drainage tunnels of the city. He knows the underground veins like the back of his hand.
His name comes from the fact that when he paints, he always does the same thing: a small crocodile character as a tag.
If you did an urban exploration you would start to find his mark as you approach the entrance of a drain.
Gator is father to two boys and one girl. Along with Eli, his partner, they live in the industrial neighborhood of the city.