"Urugraff," a gathering of graffiti artists and muralists, took place in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina, in May 2023.
The event was organized by Teko Garrido, a prominent figure in the Argentine graffiti scene. It enjoyed the active participation of the municipality, local businesses, and people from all walks of life in the city.

Notable artists, including Cof, Lion, Snap, Mundo Rod, Dame, Nerf, Fio Silva, Duo Cíclope, Min8, Seba Cener, and Sink, representing Argentina and Uruguay, contributed their talents to the event.
Throughout the days of artistic creation, live bands performed, drawing in a substantial crowd.
Urugraff proved to be a delightful gathering that was enjoyed by all, concluding with a lively celebration. The local community displayed a fantastic vibe and a positive disposition toward the organizer, the event, and the artists.
In this event, three of the participating artists, Lion, Snap, and Mundo Rod, teamed up to create a collaboration within the large collective mural.
When Cof arrived at the event, he was invited to join this collaboration, and he agreed, respecting the theme and essence of the mural.
The images showcase the initial sketch presented by the three artists to Cof, followed by the sketch that Cof added to the collaboration.